PLAYMOBIL 9060 Sea Aquarium


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Visitors' walks, deep sea caves, panorama discs and an adventure dome invite you to observe the sea lions and the underwater world. The aquarium can be filled with water. Measurements: 40 x 43 x 16 cm / 16 x 17.2 x 6.4 inch. The sea aquarium consists of a large water basin, which can also be filled with water. The transparent "" sight bell "" is only suitable for child figures without head cover. The carousel platform is rotatable. The carousel is standing free and without connection to the water basin under the dome. Four foot clamps ensure a stable hold of the figures on the carousel. The sea lion can move the head and the tail fin up and down. The front fins are rotatable. The sea lion fits through the tire and can balance a ball on the holding device. The tire can either be taken directly into the hand by a figure or attached to the support at any point on the end of the basin.
PLAYMOBIL® 9060 Sea Aquarium